Mary’s Harbour Building – Entrance Work

June 28, 2019

Mary’s Harbour Building – Entrance Work

Scope of Work

Mary’s Harbour Building – Entrance Work

Project Description:

Nunacor Development Corporation, located at 32-34 Lodge Bay Road, Mary’s Harbour, NL is seeking quotes on the dismantling of current access ramp/deck/landing pad structures and the re-construction of new access ramp/deck/landing pad structures.

Project Objective: (see attached pictures)

  • To dismantle the front entrance deck, the back-door landing and meter reading landing.
  • To rebuild front entrance deck and rails to include stairs facing the road and a wheel chair ramp which will be constructed on the oil tank side of the deck (so that the oil tank is on the inside of the wheel chair ramp).
  • To construct a ground-level deck at the basement entrance.
  • To construct deck for conference room exit, with steps down to lower level deck.
  • To construct a landing pad at the back-door emergency exit.
  • To construct a landing pad at the Hydro meter area.


Project Planning & Responsibilities:

Contractor Responsibilities:

  • To ensure Workplace Health and Safety guidelines and procedures are followed.
  • To ensure appropriate insurance and quality standards are met.
  • To follow Provincial guidelines/regulations for wheel chair ramp installation.
  • To provide measurements for all decks/ramps/landing pads included in quote.
  • To provide a material lists to Nunacor Development Corporation. All decking, stairs, and railing materials are required to be pressure treated or composite.
  • To dismantle current structures and dispose of material in the appropriate manner.
  • To construct all decks/ramps/landing pads in prescribed timeframe.

Nunacor Responsibility:

  • To ensure appropriate building/development permits are provided.
  • To meet with Contractor prior to start of work to review Scope of Work to be completed.
  • To ensure payments for completed work are issued in a timely fashion.


Work is to be completed after the end of the work day on Friday and finished prior to start of workday Monday.  (Work hours are 8:30 am – 4:30 pm).

Price Quote:

Contractor is required to submit price quote as per Scope of Work by July 5, 2019. Price is to include all materials and labour.

Submit Price Quote in person, by fax or by mail to:

Nunacor Development Corporation

Attn:  Susie Rumbolt

P.O. Box 169

Mary’s Harbour, NL

A0K 3P0

By Email: [email protected]

By Fax:   709-921-6567

Acceptance of Price Quote:

Successful Contractor will be notified by July 19, 2019.  Work is to commence at the earliest convenience of contractor keeping in mind guidelines as outlined in the Scope of Work. Lowest price not necessarily accepted.


To view the original scope of work, please click here: Scope of Work 


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