Benefits of Partnership

Benefits of Partnership

What Nunacor Can Offer

Nunacor provides exclusive access and unique opportunities to all of its partners, making us an ideal Aboriginal partner for business in Labrador.

Strong Aboriginal Workforce

We offer an extensive human resource database that can be utilized to meet labor demands, as well as a locally-trained and skilled workforce.

Access to Federal Business Opportunities

Another unique benefit that Nunacor offers is access to federal contracts in Labrador. These contracts require Aboriginal participation or full involvement from an Aboriginal partner.

Accountable and Transparent

Our business operation is also transparent and accountable, with strict financial controls. Our financial records are made publicly accessible so that NunatuKavut members can see for themselves the difference that Nunacor is making.

Access to Mining Procurement Opportunities

We also have strategic agreements with the mining industry in Labrador. These agreements provide access for Nunacor and its partners to one of our province's largest industries. Our experience in the mining industry has proven to be successful for both our members and our partners.


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