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A competitive and stable harvesting process

At NDC Fisheries, we are focused on generating sustainable employment and a sustainable shellfishery for all eligible NunatuKavut fisherpersons.


Eligibility Criteria – Updated for 2021 Season

To be eligible to enter the Species Rotation to harvest crab or shrimp associated with NDC Fisheries licenses, a harvester must satisfy ALL of the following:

  1. Be in good standing with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and eligible to harvest as per DFO regulations
  2. Be a vessel owner and operator in the fleet which they are applying
  3. Be a member of the NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC)
  4. Be a full-time resident of Labrador
  5. Have a minimum of three (3) NCC crew members if part of the supplementary fleet, or two (2) NCC crew members if part of the inshore fleet. Please note this does not include the vessel owner-operator
  6. Agree to harvest at the royalty percentage as set by NDC Fisheries Limited in SCHEDULE A
  7. Agree to land all NDC Fisheries quotas in Labrador
  8. Agree to harvest NDC Fisheries quota with their own vessel
  9. Agree to harvest NDC Fisheries quota first
  10. Agree to report catch statistics as required by DFO and NDC Fisheries Limited
  11. Agree to report catch information and royalty structure to processing facility upon landing to ensure timely and accurate payment to NDC Fisheries Limited
  12. Agree that the failure to harvest the full quota will result in a penalty equal to 90% of unharvested quota value and will result in a disqualification of eligibility from harvesting in the next season

Rules – Updated for 2021 Season – Species Rotation (Pilot Process)

  1. Each vessel meeting all eligibility criteria as set out in Section A will enter the Species Rotation. Species Rotations will remain in effect until such time that NDC Fisheries Limited determines that the existing process requires an update and/or change.
  2. Separate Species Rotations will be set for shrimp, supplementary crab, inshore crab, and other species as applicable.
  3. Harvesters will have to reapply on an annual basis to ensure eligibility as set out in Section A to hold their position in the Species Rotation. Failure to meet all eligibility requirements as set out in Section A will result in the harvester being removed from the Species Rotation. Should the harvester meet eligibility requirements again in a future year, they will be added back to the bottom of the rotation.
  4. New entrants that meet all eligibility criteria shall be entered at the bottom of the species rotation.
  5. Harvesters deemed eligible as set out in Section A shall be allocated an initial quota before the start of the season. The initial quotas will be allocated equally between all eligible harvesters in a Species Rotation.
  6. Should a harvester be unable to catch NDC Fisheries quota, they must notify NDC Fisheries in writing immediately.
  7. In the case where a harvester is unable to harvest NDC Fisheries quota, the next eligible harvester as per the Replacement Rotation will have the first right of refusal to harvest the replacement quota and so on until a replacement harvester has been found. Should a harvester be unable to harvest a replacement quota, or refuse a replacement quota when it becomes available, they will be moved to the bottom of the Replacement Rotation.
  8. All harvesters are required to sign a harvesting agreement with NDC Fisheries prior to beginning of the season.



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