Harvesting Proposals

Harvesting Proposals

A competitive and stable harvesting process

At NDC Fisheries, we are focused on generating sustainable employment and a sustainable shellfishery for all eligible NunatuKavut fisherpersons.

NDC Fisheries Limited entered into three-year harvesting agreements with NunatuKavut fisherperson starting in the 2015 fishing season.

These agreements were the result of a competitive bidding process which focused on such things as NunatuKavut employment (owner and crew), previous fishing history, and royalty percentage. The three year agreements allow for some additional stability for vessel owners to be able to maintain their crew and plan vessel maintenance and repairs.

In the event that we are seeking harvesting proposals, this information will be listed on the Tenders section of our website, as well as posted throughout our communities. To learn more, visit our Tenders page.

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