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Nunacor Development Corporation

169 Hamilton River Road, Suite 100 • Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Nunacor Development Corporation



Core Business/Expertise

Nunacor Development Corporation was incorporated in 2003 by the Labrador Metis Nation (now NunatuKavut) to pursue economic and business opportunities for the NunatuKavut membership. In 2010 the Labrador Metis Nation was renamed NunatuKavut Community Council and in accordance with this change, the Metis Development Corporation was also renamed in 2011 to Nunacor Development Corporation, trade name Nunacor.

Nunacor wholly owns the following subsidiary companies:
– NDC Fisheries Limited
– Komatik Real Estate Corporation
– Komatik Training Solutions
– NunatuKavut Energy
– Komatik Support Services Inc.

Nunacor also has several strategic partners.


Accommodations and Food Services

Management Companies and Enterprises

Other Services and Associations

Real Estate, Rental and Leasing

Business Owners/Partners

NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC) (NunatuKavut Member)


For the protection of our staff and customers, Nunacor offices have implemented a work-from-home protocol. While we…

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