Inuky Glass Art & Engraving


Inuky Glass Art & Engraving

19 Dunphy Street • Wabush

Inuky Glass Art & Engraving



Core Business/Expertise

We offer laser engraving services , which allows us to offer a wide range of services such as plaques, engraved drinkware and more , dedication of service awards, metal tags, signage, and much more. We have the only open architecture laser engraver on the market, allowing us to work with any size or weight with no restrictions that is capable of – Wood ( Engrave & cut up to 1/2″) Arcrylic (Engrave & cut) Ceramic (Engrave) Marble (Engrave) Rubber (Cut & Engrave) Tile (Engrave) Stainless Steel (Engrave) Bare Metals (Engrave) Granite (Engrave) Glass (Engrave) Melamine (Engrave & Cut) Cloth (Engrave & Cut) Wood Veneer (Engrave & Cut) Plastic (Engrave & Cut) Brass (Engrave) Coated Paints & Metals (Engrave) Leather (Engrave) Paper (Engrave & Cut) Fiberglass (Engrave & Cut) Anodized Aluminum (Engrave) Titanium (Engrave)


We offer clothing design and logo heat pressing. With our industrial heat press, we are capable of permanently transferring logos and full designs into any material.


Arts, Entertainment, Recreation & Attractions

Manufacturing Products and Handicrafts

Business Owners/Partners

Raeann Brown (Non-NunatuKavut Member)

Dwayne Brown (NunatuKavut Member)


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